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SWR Goliath III 4x10 bass cab for sale

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In short this is the industry standard 4x10 cabinet. Massive full range response, punch and control. This is the 4ohm model so it's going to allow your amp to push out more power giving you more headroom and volume.

This is a true one cabinet solution to pretty much any situation that doesn't involve enormous rooms (when you're running through the PA anyway). In style terms it's very flexible, I've done everything from rock,blues and jazz to drum'n'bass, pop and funk with this cab.

It's in good condition aside from lacking the casters.

Check out the SWR website if you want detailed specs SWR - STEP UP!?. Also there are loads of reviews of this cab at Harmony Central and the Bass Gear Review Archive.

These retail in the UK at 800-1,000 but I'd be looking for around 400. Either reply here or drop me an email to nickthebass@gmail.com if you've got any questions.



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