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Electro-Harmonix Power supplies....

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now, i have a vast amount of pedals, and a few power blocks to supply them with the suitable 9V without paying through the nose for batteries....

But... as alot of you probably know the sneaky folk at EHX have a different power supply socket on their pedals, so i would have to buy a separate adapter for each pedal, and having 4 EHX pedals thats more plug points than i care to waste.

I have been wondering if it would be possible to simply buy a set of the 'normal' 9V DC adapter sockets and replace the ones on the pedals already?

does anyone know if this a possibility?

also one of the pedals i am using is a russian big muff, which has NO power supply socket, would it be possible to fit one?

thanks for any help guys

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I have used one of these before to power my russian big muff..

9V Battery Clip Adaptor

It worked well but it eventually failed through wear and tear as the lead gets trapped by the battery

compartment lid.

There are various mods that can be done to the Big Muff pedal that enables it to be connected to a 9v adaptor. This is something I have been thinking about doing with mine, I am still to find a decent 'how to' guide on the net though... anyone know how to do this?

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You can buy a small cable that lets you plug a normal 9v adapter into the power jack of an electro-harmonix pedal.

It's the Diago blue adaptor:

Pedalboards, Pedal Board Cases, Effects Pedal Power Supplies and the Finest Hand-built British Guitar Amplifiers by Diago - Power Supplies

You can get it from various strings and accessories websites (think I got mine from stringsdirect).

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