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Some stuff for sale

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Okay so i'm in need of money so i figured it's time to sell a few things;

Pod XT

-In fairly good condition, I have the box lying around somewhere, but unfortunately do not have the adaptor for it. I'm sure i could probably buy one and through it in, but i'll wait and see.

100 ono

LTD MH250NT w/ EMG 81 and 85

-Good cond. except from one of the machine heads is a different colour from the other as it was replaced. This is not noticable and can easily be changed. The guitar works and sounds amazing. EMG 81 in the bridge and EMG 85 in the neck. It's in brown sunburst and looks amazing. It is also neck through and has 24 frets.

300 ono

Roland TD6V electric drum kit

-Everything with this works fine. There is a mesh snare and 3 toms, 2 cymbal pads and 1 hi-hat pad and obviously a kick pad. There is many sounds and settings that can be set and i'll be sad to see this leave. There isn't much i can say about this but it works fine.

I'm not too sure about the price for this, so just offer me and we'll talk. Comes with a throne.

Sonor Double Bass Pedal

-Right handed, sonor double bass pedal. Works fine. This can be bought with the kit above, so we could sort out a deal, but can be sold as a seperate item also.

75 ono

Shure SM57

-This works as new and has only been used for recording now and again. It is 100 percent real as you see a lot of fakes going about. Brilliant for recording anything really. Comes with box and case.

60 ono

Some prices may be a bit high, but i'm fairly reluctant to sell some of these, but i do really need money haha.

Just leave me a message or something.

Cheers. :up:

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