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Wanted: Ibanez guitar

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So first off, I don't have that much money, but i'm offering a trade.

I have a LTD MH250 NT in brown sunburst.

I've replaced the pick ups and put in an EMG 81 in the bridge and an EMG 85 in the neck. It sounds amazing and works fine. However, a few months ago one of the machine heads broke so i have replaced it. It is not an esp machine head, but it isn't noticable on stage and works fine.

The guitar looks and sounds amazing.


This is a picture of the guitar from the internet, but it is the same colour and model etc. except obviously mine has EMG's.

Okay so now I have that out the way...

I was looking for an Ibanez guitar.

I'm open to most Ibanez's, but i love the S,SA and RGA series'.

6 strings OR 7 strings ;)

Just leave a message or comment on this.


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