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Fake sites sellingTITP 2011 tickets

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Check the nick of this cheap ass fake spam phishing site, I'll link to the forum post its in, but if thats bad, then staff, take it doon. Some dude has already fallen for it. On the one hand its a shame, on the other, look at the fuckin thing, like an internets refugee from '98 or summat.

Is this site legit? - Festival Forums

EDIT- real scam, but the dude was just trollin'. Its more of a masterclass in bad design than anything, but could (apparently) be malware, so, don't go there and I prob shouldn't have, and this post is a waste of server, sorry.

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I think its a fucking scam that the real site (and many others of similar ilk) are selling tickets a year in advance.

With the farcical booking and postage charges these days its about time gig go-ers started to say a big FUCK OFF to these leeches.

Oh, and why are two hour queues to get in acceptable?

Have respect for your fucking customers.

ps can you tell I'm hungry?

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Too right - remember when folk when to festivals because they fancied the line up and wanted to actually see some music? This involved waiting until the promoter had booked the headliners and main acts at the least. You then chose whether you were going or not based on the lineup. How the fuck you supposed to do that when tickets sell out a year in advance. It's a bloody joke. Same goes for all the festivals nowadys, unfortunately.

First year I went in '96 I'm sure I bought my ticket in May or something. For 61 quid including camping! At a better site than it's at now. And saw Radiohead when they were good. And Joe Strummer busking in the campsite. The good ol' days etc. etc.

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