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hacked (original) xbox

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i have an original box for sale which has been hacked six ways from sunday.


XBMC (xbox media centre - for streaming movies to your xbox from your pc)

various emulators (megadrive, snes, nes, MAME, ps1, N64 etc)

modified halo 2

heaps of other stuff i cant remember off the top of my head

if you want more info PM me.

ideal for people who love old consoles but dont have the room for 11teen off them around the house.

also great for use as a media centre/extender.

i assume you already know a little about it if you opened this post. if you dont but are intrigued them PM please.

offers only, dont really know the value of these things anymore.



edit, comes with 3 controllers (if i can find them all!) halo 2, silent hill 4. also assistance for anything you'd want to do with it.

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had a pm with a couple of questions. thought it would be a good idea to update the post with the info.

the box wasnt chipped, it was softmodded.

the HDD was expanded to 80GB

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What sort of DVD drive is in it mate? I'd be interested as long as it was the samsung drive.

I'll get back to you on that one. been so long since i had the box open i cant remember.

will check when i get home


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