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Well, i didn't do music, but the most metal i've heard is Metallica's Hero of the Day coming up in Len's Standard Grade Music Listening...

Oh and good luck to you Tav, i did Higher Technilogical Studies, and got booted from the class after i got 16% in the Prelim, *shudder* Tho it is a fairly metal subject, also because Erskine's dad was my teacher in said subject.

Good Luck to the lot of you, just remember, at least you wont do as badly as i did...

5th Year

Tech studies - kicked out after prelim.

Chemistry - Failed Prelim, F in Final exam

(my ROA quite impressively only had a short course in Issues of Belief on it)

6th Year

Chemistry Resit - (thought i'd pass 2nd time round.. course got totally changed to higher still, bugger!) left with the now legendary int2 in World of Carbon and nothing else.

2 year Higher English - went into the final exam with an A folio... somehow got a D after the final exam....

If that doesn't make you feel better about your results, nothing will! ;)

Good Luck!

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