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'down-home farm-city junk music'.....

Dizzy Storm

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...is how the MPE BAND, appearing at here at dr drakes on THURS 5TH AUG, describe themselves....

Abba meets Zappa" "Fleetwood Mac meets the Pixies" "Ween meets Joni Mitchell" "Bette Midler meets Wilco" "Sonic Youth meets the Beatles" - these are but a few attempts to label what is truly the magic of Maggi, Pierce And E.J.

Equally at home in a pin-drop intimate cafe with acoustic guitar, mandolin and dumbek, or a rowdy, rockin' club with screamin' Stratocaster, slammin' drums and thunderous bass, it's Maggi, Pierce And E.J.'s trademark, intricate three-part harmonies that ground and unify their inspired sound.

As utterly unique and groundbreaking as MPEband's live shows are, it's the songs on their 5 self-titled CD's (identified by colour) that truly drive home their undeniable talent as exceptional songwriters and musicians. Writing as a group, in pairs and individually, their songs range from acoustic lullabies to raucous party stompers, to hypnotic soulscapes.

Trying to pigeonhole a band's sound is often difficult, but in this case, impossible. Their Chinese fire-drill instrumentation, lush harmonies, unshakable melodies and seat of the pants spontaneity, create one helluva roller coaster ride of a live show!

check out WWW.MPEBAND.COM for info and mp3's

with support from THE VANDELAYS & OTHERMAN



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