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What do you think about Carl Kennedy and Izzy getting together?

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Will it last? I'm not so sure. There doesn't seem to be any chemistry between the pair and it feels like the doctor is cheating on Susan. Even though they are seperated, can they really live on the same street - let along village - and deal with each others relationships?

While you ponder this, go here www.purevolume.com/10easywishes and listen to some songs we recorded with the magician Mark Thomas who engineered some muse albums.


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I can't see that one happening myself. Toadie seems to have forgotten abot Dee awful quickly though, don't you think? Also, who else thinks that Summer is a lot hotter with her blonde hair look? And who thinks Stef Scully looks like a duck? The big question of the moment though is will Lynne be able to cope with Susan Kennedy and the priest getting together? It's bound to happen! Izzy is quite fit, but the doc just has that sexy doctor aura that all medicine studiers aspire to. I think the next big storyline should involve Flic Scully and Nina coming back to the show and indulging in a little lesbian activity. Then, a new character - lets call him JJ for now - should arrive on the scene and get to indulge in a little 3 way action with said characters. anyway

how are the songs people?

Oh and also, the character that Natalie Imbruglia played and the one that Kylie played should come back for a seperate 3 way action, to explore their sexuality.

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