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Vocal exercises


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I don't do any. And anyone who's actually listened to my band would probably suggest it's time I started ;).

Does anyone here do vocal warm ups before gigs / recordings etc? Do you notice any marked difference in your range, projection etc?

I think there may be one of these threads elsewhere but here is my advice again, I suggest the 5 note exercise (well start with 5 and work your way up the sizes). I have used this in the past for sax but it is equally applicable to vocals.

You have to first breath in the correct way. The best way to describe it is breathing to your feet. Feel the air fill the bottom of your lungs, almost like your belly is filling up. You should make sure that you don't raise your shoulders when you take your breath as the this will make it a shallow one. You will definitely notice a difference, a shallow breath fill the top portion of your lungs. Next you need to place a 5 note on the wall and initially stand quite close to it. Purse your lips a little like a whistle and focus your breath on the note keeping it pinned to the wall for as long as you can. You need to use your diaphragm to control the breath coming out to be consistent and even. The more you do this the more control you will have over both your breathing, projection and dynamic control of your voice. Oh yeah, before you move up to the next size of note, try getting further and further away from the note and just focusing your breath more.

I find that singing along with tracks in the car is great for keeping the vocal chords moving throughout the week. Also harmonising along with tracks you know is good practice giving you more confidence in hitting the notes you want, especially good when stage is loud, vocal monitors aren't and you have to trust you know what your voice is supposed to do.

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