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Firewater (Todd A from Cop Shoot Cop)


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I just did a search on AMG, and found that Todd A from Cop Shoot Cop, started a band called "firewater"...

anyone heard them ? (or have an LP by them ?)...

I've listened to the 15 seconds (thanks!) you get from AMG, sounds great (If you liked cop shoot cops later stuff)...

Like tom waits meets $...

I am going to try and hunt some CDs down...

anyway, back to work...



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Cop Shoot Cop - great band!

Saw them at Reading in 1994 when they were on the main stage at about 12.30pm. The "drummer" was setting up his collection of sheet metal and barrels when someone chucked a sandwich onto stage - which he promptly picked up, took a bite out off for a laugh. Class.

Gonna go home and dig out all my CSC vinyl now - been ages since I last played them.

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  • 2 years later...

Thought I'd resurrect this thread (albeit probably very briefly) because I got my grubby mitts on the last Firewater album I was missing - ""GET OFF THE CROSS

(We Need the Wood for the Fire)"

"The Man On The Burning Tightrope" is still their best album, in my opinion. "Psychopharmacology" I'd place as the next best after that - The title track is constantly stuck in my head, plus the whole album has some brilliantly observed self-depreciatory comments that tickle me.

The least essential is probably the most recent album filled with covers, most of them just don't sound very exciting or as musically rich as the other albums. Oh well.

So, um, yeah. Firewater. Top notch.

Also, link to shop in America you can get the albums / listen to samples available by clicking here. Although, having said that, you can grab most new via Amazon shops or eBay for much cheaper.

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