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FS: Italia Maranello Z bass - 200


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I only got this last month, but I've snagged a bass I've been looking for for some time now (a Gibson Victory Artist) so it has to be sold (last in, first out) to fill the hole I've just put in my credit card ;)

For sale is an Italia Maranello Z semi acoustic bass in cream. It is a single piezo pickup and has 2 band EQ. It is in excellent condition, no dings or scuffs. It has been restrung with lovely TI Jazz flatwound strings (35 a set), best flatwounds I have ever played, much lower tension/more compliant. If you like your flatwounds tense like suspension bridge cables and as compliant as a petulant teenager, I can throw in a set of Fender flats. In fact, have them anyway, I hate them ;) It comes with an (admittedly rather flimsy) Italia gigbag.

I have shimmed the neck so that there's a bit more room to adjust the action - beforehand I had the bridge on the deck and it still wasn't quite low enough for me. Now that there's a shim I've got it to my liking and there's still a few millimetres left to go.

I would like 200 for it. They're seemingly not available any more but new price was around the 400 mark when they were. It has never been gigged, only played it in the house and at one band practice.

You are welcome to try before you buy.

Some pics:




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