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cheap laptop


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I've got Acer Aspire 3610 I was using for recording but I don't need it any more. It is generally in nice condition; has some scratches on the lid and there is a crack near the hinges- very common for these models- but the screen and the rest is in perfect order.

I had it for 4 years and it was working really well however it does seem to have problems with writing discs (I wasn't using this for writing discs much) and because I love to listen to the music and used the earphone jack all the time once the little jack just stayed inside and I couldn't get it out- it's still there. Instead I was using an usb adaptor which I can add as I've got two.

Some specs:

1,5 Ghz Intel Celeron M processor

15,4" CrystalBrite screen


1,5 GB RAM (I upgraded it from 512 MB)


4x USB ports

Windows XP (service pack 3)

The battery holds up to (about) 30 mins.

I'll sell it for about 100 pounds. Please PM me if You're interested.

I can send some pics.

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