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Studio Projects B1 Microphone. It's a Swiss army condenser pretty much. I've used it on guitar, bass, hi-hats, vocals and as a room mic. It's done really well in all of those. I upgraded and got an Audio Technica recently though, so this is now surplus to requirements. I've still got the original box, it comes with the shockmount, a carry pouch and a foam wind shield. I've looked after it and it's in good condition. These sell for about 75 new, I'm looking for 50 delivered.

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Upgraded to an ISP Decimator so this is just collecting dust. 40 delivered

This isn't 100% for sure yet, but I'm considering selling my Pod XT Pro. It's also in great condition, comes with the original box, manual etc. I've got the Metal Shop and Bass packs. I can transfer the registration over to whomever buys it. It's a great piece of kit. I'd take 220 delivered for it.

If you're after pictures, fire me a message. Cheers

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