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Cake Boss

Soda Jerk

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Cake Boss is possibly the single greatest show on TV right now

It's on one of the Discovery channels, and it's a little like Miami Ink, except instead of extravegant tattoos, it's utterly ridiculous cakes. Not like some cute little bithday cake. No. Absolutely ridiculous cakes, like a fully functional roulette table that he made for a Mafia boss, with the spinning roulette wheel and everything, made of fucking cake!

Usually there's a bit of a twist too, like the delivery boy will drop the cake down the stairs, and Buddy will go tits at him, and everyone has to pitch in to make a cake that took them days, in an hour.

I feel genuinely excited to get to watch Cake Boss. If you don't like Cake Boss, you either haven't seen it, or you're a bastard.

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Sometimes I rue the day I binned my Sky subscription. Then I remember literally hours of skipping between channels only to be met with yet another ad break and all is good with the world again.

'Cake Boss' sounds like the sort of shite I would have watched, I used to spend hours watching cooking programmes. And re-runs of 'Friends' on E4, which makes no sense as we have the DVD's.

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