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gibson 335s firebrand for sale


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for sale gibson 335s (solid body) firebrand standard, has its 30th birthday this year. Obviously not in mint condition after 30yrs of playing, back of the neck has some wear and theres a few minor marks around the body and has had a re-fret but more importantly it stays in tune, plays well and sound great. Doesnt have original pickups im afraid i bought it with some crap ones in and had some custom Wizard pickups put in. I dont have a camera just now but heres a link to some more detals about the guitar

Gibson 335-S Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Im open to resonable offers just now, if it doesnt sell here i'l bang it on ebay in a few weeks


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to be honest im not sure exactly how much to say ive only seen 2 others in the last 4 years one selling for 800 and one for 850 whether or not they sold for that price im not sure if i stick it on ebay i'l start off at 800 and see what happens, but for a guitar like this i should think someone would like to see it first

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I am very much interested in the Gibson 335S. Is there a special reason why you not play the instrument?

What price do you have in mind?

second and important, it has to be shipped to The Netherlands. No problem I presume?

hoping to be hearing from you soon


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