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I don't really know anything about guitar mods but I saw Sparrow and the Workshop on Saturday and was amazed by this guy's modified Burns. There was an article in Guitar and Bass Magazine:


The writing's pretty tiny but he's switched the low E for a bass A, has re-positioned the middle pickup to align with the bass string and installed a separate jack socket for the bass string.

I'm not sure if this sort of thing's commonly done, but I was pretty taken aback by how huge it sounded and really gave the band a full sound. From what I could see, he was playing it through a Tiny Terror head with an Epiphone cab and a Vox combo.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool so just thought I'd share!

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oooh, that's cool. wish i had the balls and creativity to do stuff like that. i'm too scared i'll fuck it all up and wreck a guitar.

Modify something cheap first? Modify something Fenderish, if you totally mess it up, get a new body/neck/whatever you broke.

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Nick's Basstard is awesome, saw Sparrow when they supported Idlewild at the Warehouse last year, had never heard of them before, they sauntered onto the stage all unassuming, setting up their own equipment then proceeded to belt out some brilliant tunes. In my mind they upstaged Idlewild that day... :)

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