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Gigs for 2010!!!


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Ok guys and girls.

What gigs are you set to go to this year and also what other gigs are planned around the UK that you think would be ace to go to! My current schedual is below:up:

30th May Steriophonics in Aberdeen

Sunday 20th June Paul McCartney in Glasgow

Sunday 25th of July - High Voltage Festival London. Line up:


Joe Bonamassa

Joe Elliott


Want to try and see Carlos Santana and also Porcupine Tree later this year when they come as well8-)

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Guest Gladstone

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Not much specifically planned other than gigs I'm putting on, but hoping to catch The Little Kicks at Voodoo Rooms tonight, Fridge Magnets at Snafu on 10 June and Wizard Festival in August with Happy Mondays and James!

Hopefully catch another wee festival if possible. Probably would have gone to T this year fir the first time for 3 years but going to be away on holiday and really want to go to Rock Ness but am on a stag weekend!

What big names are coming to Aberdeen this year? I need to catch more big gigs - been missing too many ace bands over the past couple of years!

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Gigs in my diary as definites are InMe on June 4th and Biffy Clyro in November. Strongly considering heading down south to the Godspeed You Black Emperor curated ATP: Nightmare Before Christmas in December if I can get the funds together for tickets/travel.

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Coming up I have tickets for or aim to go to:

27th May: Slayer - Barrowlands/Glasgow

29th May: Damned - Picture House/Edinburgh

12th June: Kathaarsys - Moorings/Aberdeen

1st July: Slash - Picture House/Edinburgh

24th July: High Voltage Festival - Victoria Park/London

13th-15th Aug: Bloodstock - Burton On Trent

17th Oct: Sabaton/Alestorm - Concorde 2 /Brighton

8th Nov: Motorhead - AECC/Aberdeen

27th Nov: Arch Enemy - The Forum/London

3rd-5th Dec: Hard Rock Hell - Pontins/Prestatyn

on top of this will probably aim to get to the Mudhoney and Chimaira gigs in Aberdeen.

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