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Beginner/ Intermediate Guitarist wishes to join a metal/ hard rock inspired group


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I have a good ear, learn quickly, know techniques (feel), using bends etc. The main reason i wish to be in a band is to get synchronicity and better timing. Also i'd love to bounce my ideas off others as i'm quite creative and intelligent. I'm sorry to say i can't play fast.

I am very clean for a beginner

I can sing quite high

I could also sing a bit as i take vocal lessons

Songs i can play and could learn are:

Stairway to heaven- i can play acoustic well, slow on solo

Fade to Black (not end solo)

Day that never comes (not end solo)

Any GnR

Any Chilli song

Any Pop song

Not yankee doodle

Favorites are- SRV, Satriani, E johnson, Hendrix, Page, Blackmore, Sonata Arctica, Dave Murray, Adrian Gers, EVH, Mark Knopfler, Santana, Metallica, Guilbert, Pink Floyd, Petrucci, sabbath.

Tbh i don't know that much, and would like to join a band of not complete beginners, but boardering intermediate. Interesting creative fuckers.

I is 19

I don't mind being put in 2nd or 3rd backup guitar or lead.

Hope to hear a response.:laughing:

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