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Celebrity Dead Pool


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So, who wants to play then? I know it's halfway through the year, but there's still plenty time.

Basically, you pick a team of celebrities, and you get points if some of them die.

The rules, lifted from derbydeadpool.com


Pick 20 different celebrities who are alive, but who, in your opinion, will no longer be with us by 31st December 2010. Celebrities can be of any age, and can be suffering from illness.

Nominate one of them as your "joker".

For each celeb demise that you guess correctly, you'll score points, and if your joker sadly passes away, your grief will be alleviated by the fact that you'll score double points.

The team with the most points at the end of the year will, unsurprisingly, be deemed to be the winner.

In the event of a dead heat on points, the winner will be selected according to the following criteria, applied in this order:

-The most hits (i.e. correctly-chosen deceased celebs).

-The youngest average age of hits.

-The most amusing team name.


All of your chosen celebs must be:


-At least 18 years old at time of selection.

-Not on any form of "Death Row" or scheduled for execution.

-Actual real-life people, not characters out of soap operas and the like.

-All entries must be celebrities. Your Great Aunt Jenny doesn't count

-Named individuals, not just "Pope Wotsisface" or "the oldest person in the world".

-Players must not murder their chosen celebs. That's cheating, and cheating is wrong. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be disqualified from the game.


The value of the basic death depends on the person's age:

18-29 years: 12 points

30-49 years: 10 points

50-59 years: 9 points

60-69 years: 8 points

70-79 years: 7 points

80-89 years: 6 points

90-99 years: 5 points

100-109 years: 4 points

110+ years: 3 points

On top of this, bonus points are awarded as follows:

Unique pick: +3 if you were the only competitor to pick that person.

Unlucky 13: +2 for a celeb who dies on the 13th of any month.

Unnatural causes: +3 for murder, suicide or accident (but not State executions).

Party pooper: +5 for a celeb who dies on their birthday or Xmas Day.

Joker: Take the total of all the above and double it.

(All times and dates will relate to UK time)

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My team:


Paul Daniels

Kurt Angle

Katie Melua

Woody Allen

Michael J Fox


Muhammad Ali

Margaret Thatcher

Queen Elizabeth II

Nelson Mandela

Iggy Pop

Johnny Vegas

Stevie Wonder

Prince Philip (The Queen's husband)

Ringo Starr

Howard Marks

Marc Almond

Steven Tyler

Jocky Wilson

Hurricane Higgins

I am going to have Thatcher as my "joker".

Somebody else please do this so I don't feel like a total sick fuck.

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Fuck it, I'll be a sick bastard too:


Pete Doherty

Kirk Douglas

David Cameron

Elizabeth Taylor

Keith Richards

Whitney Houston

Shaun Ryder

Margaret Thatcher

Dennis Hopper

Bob Dylan

Muhammad Ali

Sir Richard Attenborough

Axl Rose

Lindsay Lohan

Joaquin Phoenix

David Blaine

Little Richard

Shane MacGowan

Mick Hucknall

Eamonn Holmes

Joker: Dennis Hopper

I'm going to hell for this

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The Caviar Of Wormfood

Ringo Starr

Queen Elizabeth II

Paul O'Grady

Kim Jong Il

Lindsay Lohan

Mike Tyson

Bill Oddie

Dennis Hopper

Micheal Keaton

Amy Winehouse

Jack Tweed

Jack Nicholson

Sir David Jason

Sir Sean Connery

Jackie Stallone

Johnny Vegas

Morgan Freeman

Kerry Catona

Britney Spears

David Schwimmer

I'm Having Paul O'Grady as my joker

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Jade Goody's Dinner Party...

Maggie Thatcher

Cherie Blair

Jeremy Clarkson

bruce forsyth

lindsey lohan

joquain phoenix

marykate olsen

ashley olsen

kim jong ill

courtney love

pete wentz

amy winehouse

pete docherty

jack o'connel (does being on skins make you a celebrity theese days?

donald trump

derren brown

ozzy osbourne

frankie boyle

gordon brown,

And i'll take Barack Obama as my joker!

I will feel bad if any of my list die... but ohwell, bring on the celeb deaths!

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Two Feet In The Grave

Peter Doherty

Richard Wilson

Ronnie Biggs

Kirk Douglas

Vince Cable

Peter Falk

Norman Wisdom

Magic Johnson

Bret Michaels

Rod Stewart

Dick Cheney

Terry Pratchett

Chris Morris


David Blaine

Snoop Dogg

Andy Whitfield

Vivienne Westwood

Zara Phillips

Joker: Mohmed Al Megrahi

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The Coffin Dodgerz

Ric Flair (wooooo)


Terry Wogan

Chris Moyles

Jeff Bridges

Micky Rourke

Charles Manson

Laddy Ga Ga

Keith Richards ( even if the odds are a million to 1 )

Elton John

50 Cent

Steven Seagal

Pat Benatar

Tiger Woods

Victoria Beckham

Cilla Black

Gary Coleman

Joan Rivers

Michael Barrymore

BB King

and my joker is Ronnie Corbett

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Lucius's Lucky Ladder (Of Death)

Amy Winehouse

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Bruce Forsyth

Clint Eastwood

Ted Danson


Britney Spears

Hulk Hogan

Terrence Trent Darby

Jim Bowen

Christopher Lee

Barbara Windsor

Robbie Williams

Andrew Sachs

Hugh Hefner

Margaret Thatcher

Frank Bruno

Ultimate Warrior

Tom Hanks

Anthony Hopkins

My joker has to be Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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Crossing the River Styx by boat because the Ash Cloud means they won't be flying...

Margaret Thatcher

Morgan Freeman

Woody Allen

Fidel Castro

Christopher Lee

Seve Ballesteros

Stephen Hawking

Steve Jobs

Dennis Hopper

Alasdair Gray

Edwin Morgan

Jackie Stewart

Bruce Forsyth

John McCain

Muhammed Ali


Iggy Pop

Joaquin Phoenix

Kerry Katona

I'll have Joaquin as my joker.

There. I feel a bit ill now.

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Jade Goody's Dinner Party...


That's my favourite team name so far...

Two Feet In The Grave

Ronnie Biggs

Isn't he already dead?

Lucius's Lucky Ladder (Of Death)

Christopher Lee

If he dies and then turns into a cloud of dust and then reforms again when no-one is looking that doesn't count.

I'd like to make a change to the rules if I may - instead of UK time, we'll go with local time in the place where they died - that's what will be on the official death certificate, and ergo what will be reported in the news and Wikipedia.

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It's not the cough that carries you off it's the coffin they carry you off in

Frank Carson

Harvey Weinstein

John Motson

Edwyn Collins

Kim Jong-Il

Jenna Jameson

Jean Luc Godard

Billy Joel

Dave Benson Phillips

Geoff Capes

Sophia Loren

Johnny 'mad dog' Adair

Vanessa Feltz

Tara Palmer Tompkinson

Edward Furlong

Paula Abdul

Patrick Moore

Michael Barrymore

Jackie Mason

Eddie Murphy

Joker: Kim Jong-il


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Isn't he already dead?

No. Ronnie Biggs was released from prison in 2009 by Jack Straw on compassionate grounds. He was not expected to live until Christmas. He is still living in a nursing home.

I had some good ideas for a few long shots after I went to bed last night actually.

Ross Kemp

Bear Grylls

Richard Branson

Lars Vilks

Russel Watson

Also, Paul Gascoigne has to be worth a punt too eh?

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Guest Bob Knob

The Conrad Murray Experience

Tom Hanks

David Coverdale

Vince McMahon

Cheryl Cole


Barbara Windsor

Briana Banks

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Tony Iommi

Jeremy Clarkson

Steve Jobs

Terry O'Quinn

Scott Weiland

John Prescott

Kip Winger

The Queen

Michael Caine

Alice Cooper

Jimmy Page

Ashlynn Brooke

Joker: Elton John

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Running with the Devil

Muhammed Ali

Ozzy Osbourne

The Queen

Pete Dochorty

Margaret Thatcher

Stirling Moss

Terry Pratchett

Lindsey Lohan


Mary-Kate Olsen

Charlie Sheen

Hulk Hogan

Keith Richards

Mick Jagger

Bruce Forsyth

Robin Williams

Kate McCann (is she famous enough? Or just infamous...)

Dave Mustaine

Mel Gibson

Steven Segall

Joker is Robin Williams.

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Hopefully I'll still be around to see the results of this......

"And you will know us..."

Terry Pratchett

John Mayall

Dawn French

Mickey Rooney

Elizabetrh Taylor

Courtney Love

Norman Wisdom

Dennis Hopper

B B King

Clive Dunn

Roy Hudd

Vera Lynn

Val Doonican

Jimmy Greaves

Tommy Docherty

June Whitfield

Moira Anderson (joker)

Charlie Watts

Dick Van Dyke

Jimmy Osmond

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