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Goddamn this article is funny so had to quote it all

So im gonna do a real update for once, maybe ill throw some humor in there. Ok so we did 2 weeks on the Vans Warped Tour. It was great to be on the same tour with such great bands as Bad Religon, Bouncing Souls, Alkaline Trio, Yellow Card and NOFX. We Played on the Smart Punk Stage with great bands and good friends Underoath, From First To Last and Saosin. The days were long and hot, but fun to tan, hangout with beautiful women and pogo mosh to the casualties. I wish we could have been on more of the tour. Maybe next year we will get the full tour and play a main stage.

In other band related news...We just recently parted ways our drummer Jason Shrout and it was on good terms. We love that fool and hope that one day he will shave his legs. =) We now have Trevor Whorror aka The Dark One. You may also know him from having almost 7,000 friends on myspace.

We were suppose to start the Lost Prophets tour yesterday, but due to trailor problems we were stuck in Arizona for 2 days. We got it fixed and then drove to houston to get our old trailor that our awesome merch guy zipper(justin) wrecked. Now we sit here in North Carolina on a day off. We play tomorrow here and this will be our first show of the tour...Sorry to everyone in DC and Philly that we couldnt play. We will be back real soon i promise. A awesome bonus about our day off here is that we get to see Sevendust tonight. I know to most of you people you think thats a joke, but fuck...they are heavy as fuck! They are true black metal.

Ok thats pretty much it for now. I will leave you now with 2 things to say. I got predator and robocop tattooed on me and this dood i just had a conversation with rules.

(this conversation is a joke, dont take anything serious. if you do....then you suck fool)

lippdawg4: you want me to bring you anything when you hit up pittsburgh, like blow up dolls or toothpaste or shit like that

becoming soil: yeah sure bring some blow up dolls

becoming soil: got any dynamite

lippdawg4: fireworks

lippdawg4: like bottlerockets and shit

lippdawg4: i might have some

becoming soil: yeaaaaaaaaaaah

becoming soil: bring em dood

lippdawg4: ok

lippdawg4: what the hell am i gonna do when secuirty like searches me

becoming soil: they wont

becoming soil: leqave them under our van

lippdawg4: alright

lippdawg4: i can do that

becoming soil: bring some sluts too

lippdawg4: ill bring sparklers and shit

lippdawg4: i'm bringin one

lippdawg4: she's like 16, but hey, beggars can't be choosers

becoming soil: i hear ya man

becoming soil: fireworks and sluts please

lippdawg4: alright

lippdawg4: the fireworks might be tough, but i got the slut thing covered

lippdawg4: its me her and her boyfriend, but he fucking worships you guys so he won't mind if you bang her or whatever

becoming soil: that dood is a champ

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