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Bc Rich Warlock, Amps

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Body Style: BC Rich Warlock

Colour: Black

Date of release: 02/12/2009

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Guitar Type: Electric

Number of Frets: 24

Pickups: (2x) Humbuckers

Top: Basswood

Condition : Used

There is 2 chip to the body and 1 at the head pictures enclosed.

Had this item for 3 years and am selling because it deserve's to get soem good use, reviews have said this is an ideal first guitar for beginner's. The action is a bit heavy and it tends to go out of tune very fast.

Also included Strap and Bag sorry there are no strings currently.




Korg Auto Tuner - 5


Korg g3 fx pedal - no power adapter - 30


Park By Marshall Amplifier 10 watt - 40


Marshall Amplifier - 80


pm me with offers

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How about you make him a offer

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