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.could this be you?


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required. singer/songwriter.

will suit. male/female looking for something.

style. electronic. we don't play guitars.

not. mainstream.

perhaps. avant garde? slightly retro? up for discussion.

interest? private message me.


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man, you guys must be a riot at parties.

To be honest I wasn't giving you any shit. Just was interested in what you're into music writing wise. I have been thinking of doing a more involved electronic project myself so was actually genuinely interested. I'm pretty sure if you look at any advert on this forum looking to start a group up most have a "got any stuff I can listen to" pretty near the start. No worries though.

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im really just messing with yah! :up:

the reason im looking for someone to help out is to spur me into actually doing something as opposed to the endless ditties that I mess with now. if someone had a vocal track or even just some lyrics, that's all I need to put something together for a start - then we can take it from there.

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