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THE WOE BETIDES @ Polar Bear Club Night - Fri 4 June @ Tunnels

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AGP/Polar Bear Club is proud to present

THE WOE BETIDES The Woe Betides on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

live set as part of The Polar Bear Club Night (indie/electro with DJs Ross Calder & JJ Bull)

Tunnels - Fri 4 June - 11pm - 3am

3 admission/2 before midnight/

FREE with flyers available from One Up, Tunnels, Cafe Drummonds OR BY PUTTING NAMES BELOW!

Awesome band and cant say fairer than FREE!



"Agreeably grungey and off-kilter folk-pop duo... suggesting both Simon & Garfunkel and Josh Homme's Desert Sessions." (Time Out)

"Four ramshackle tidbits of skronky guitar pop. Resolutely lo-fi, DIY, rough around the edges and all the better for it" (Artrocker)

"Left field English alt/folk flavoured pop... Songs that touch on the social commentary and craft of The Kinks... Songs of heart. Strong songs." (Organ Magazine)

"The Woe Betides spin wonderfully blister like crooked melodies that hush, stir and pounce into animation without warning, lush with 60s accents and drizzled with noir phraseology." (Losing Today Magazine)

"Blitzing folk grunge. These voices were made for those guitars, those melodies and those handclaps... Woe betide anyone who doesn't play dead." (CMU Music Network)

"Imagine The Earlies trying to cover Queens Of The Stone Age... crunching riffs and supremely arrogant vocals. Woe betide how dark their next EP can end up." (Room Thirteen)

"there's something dark and brooding about The Woe Betides... sweet, fast-paced chorus, heavy guitars and almost New Romantic-esque vocals. Not too shabby at all." (Stool Pigeon)

"A strong sense of drama... asymmetrical folk-pop with unexpected structures and complex arrangements... Boredom is the Killer is a fine piece of Brian Eno-style artrock" (SoundsXP)


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