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Guest davetherave

FX Pedals for sale

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Guest davetherave

Update on previous posts, current pedals for sale, will trade for other decent FX...

Boss FZ-5 fuzz (new in box) 40

Boss OC3 Octaver (new in box) 40

Boss GP-20 Amp factory 60

Behringer V-amp2 with FS and bag 35

Zoom 607 Multi fx 30

Line 6 Dr distorto pedal and chorus module (interchangeable) 50

Nobels CHD chorus pedal 20

Ibanez sb7 synth/autowah 30

Midi Guitar systems

Roland GR33 Guitar synth with GK3 pickup 200

Roland VG8 ex virtual guitar system with GK2 pickup 175

Korg Z3 guitar synth (rack) and pickups 150

Shadow SH75 midi guitar system plus midi modules 100

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Guest davetherave
Give you a Mars bar and a can of Coke for the lot?:up::kiss:


Make that 2 mars bars, a bag of hedgehog flavour crisps and a bottle of smirnoff black label, and you might have a deal :up::love:


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