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Dedalus + Politik Ep Launch, 31st July @ Lemon Tree


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with support from masamune, the gloria flaw and nick from hookers green. this will be an awesome gig!! the gig is to launch the split ep by dedalus and politik on nomad am records. doors are at 9. i can't remember how much it is but i'd expect it to be around a fiver.

tell and bring all your friends!!!

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it just so happens i have the lemon tree brochure in front of me

and it says...

5 (3.25 concessions and regulars)

that works out at 1 or 65p per act


sure is!

and as i pointed out in an earlier thread, anyone who is going to kef that night can still check out the bands at the lemon tree as it is a later gig! wowza!

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Looking forward to this night.

Heaps of great music and bands together.

Having a member of Politik in my band also has its advantages., i can reveal (like people dont already know) that there new stuff to go on the EP with Dedalus is fucking awesome, so hopefully dedalus is equally as good, which im sure it will be!

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This was a superb show and the EP is pretty tremendous also. My mate even went so far as to exclaim Dedalus' set to be the best he's ever seen.

wow! don't know about that, but thanks all the same! personally i thought politik were the band of the night, completely awesome. all the bands were excellent though and a better night it could not have been! thanks to all who came.

ep will be available to buy from one up tomorrow, other places soon.

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