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FS rock/metal cd's + games + random stuff

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Will be moving house in a couple of months so trying to clear out some of my crap and cd's I no longer listen to. I'm a bit of a hoarder and have plenty more I don't listen to, just not sure if I want to part with them cos I grew up listening to them! May add more later

Cd's.... 4 each or 3 for 10 These are all in vgc or mint condition. Descpriptions/songs from the album for the more obscure bands

Drive By Monologue by The Hurt Process -> Pretty good emo/screamo type stuff I suppose. Ace folding cover too!

A Heartbeat Behind by The Hurt Process -> 2nd album by them, more metalcorey, 1/2 heavy, 1/2 more mellow

also how awful is this video!!?!?!?!?!?

YouTube - The Hurt Process - "My Scandanavian Ride" Victory Records

Wages of Sin by Arch Enemy (2cd edition)

The Poison by Bullet for my Valentine

Gold Medal in Metal by Dream Evil (2cd's unrealeased+live)

Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes by Hatesphere (+bonus dvd) -> Danish 'death/thrash' band so maybe melodeath? I dunno

The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac

Ring of Fire: The Legend of Johnny Cash

What Demons Do to Saints by Beneath the Sky -> metalcore/deathcore

YouTube - Beneath The Sky "7861" (High Quality)

This Machine Runs on Empty by Bloodjinn -> more metalcore, but pretty good band.

YouTube - Bloodjinn - Mirrored Human

NIghtmare Inc by A Traitor Like Judas -> yep more metalcore, this time one of the better german bands

YouTube - A Traitor Like Judas - Nightmare Inc.

The Truth by Bleeding Through

The Years to Come by Nodes of Ranvier -> yet more metalcore, but again a pretty decent band, and the opening instrumental on this is amazing

Cemetery Earth by Pale Divine -> stoner/doom type stuff.

Embrace the Final Day by Rafflesia -> Belgian metalcore. Toured with Heaven Shall Burn, and sound similar

RAFFLESIA (NEW SONG ONLINE) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads will have to do for them

9 by Damien Rice

Battle Metal by Turisas

The Varangian Way by Turisas

Stuck Here on Snakes Way by Omnium Gatherum -> Finnish melodeath band. Supported Dark Tranquillity when they played Moshulu

We Have Seen the Enemy... and the Enemy is Us by Enemy is Us -> another thrashy/melodeath type band

ENEMY IS US on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads no old vids on youtube, or old songs on myspace it seems :S

Beyond the Apocalypse by 1349 -> old school norwegian style black metal (on this album anyway)

YouTube - Chasing Dragons - 1349

Determination by God Forbid -> this is one of their older albums, 2001 it was released

Enigmatic Existence by Kryoburn -> industrial metal i think maybe? Couple of really catchy songs on this

YouTube - kryoburn - reverse

Malice by Through the Eyes of the Dead -> pretty old school death metal style album. Don't let the band name put you off, this is not deathcore like their first album!

YouTube - Through The Eyes Of The Dead - As Good As Dead

Cd's... other

Jar of Flies/Dirt/Facelift 3cd box set by Alice in CHains 7

Warkult/The Will to Kill 2cd by Malevolent Creation 6 (old school death metal)

YouTube - Malevolent Creation - Preemptive Strike

Ascendancy by Trivium (cd case has a couple of cracks) 3

Self titled EP by Bullet for my Valentine (before they became utter cack! the cd case is a bit damaged) 3

Finally, I bought this as a present for someone who randomly stopped speaking to me, hence why I've still got it!

It is a collectors item, limited to 2000 I think? It's on the internet. Play.com are wanting 27 for it :O and it's 12 cheapest on ebay. It's still shrink wrapped etc and totally untouched.

Scream Aim Fire (limited 1GB bullet USB stick edition) 10

Games to Sell

Xbox 360

Bioshock 6

Kung Fu Panda/ Lego Indiana Jones Twinpack 12

Elder Scrolls Oblivion 6

Project Gotham Racing 4 6


Brave Story New Traveler -> great JRPG style game, never released here so this is a US import. 12

Midnight Club DUB Edition. 3

SSX On Tour 5

Dragooners Aria -> another JRPG here. 5

Other stuff!

Christmas Trees! I have 3 for some reason, all boxed/unopened. 2x 5 foot aspen trees w/ basket. 5 each

1x 6 foot tree / basket. 6

Box of random stuff. Might consider splitting, but rather get rid of it as a whole. Has in it... 2 medium t shirts,

a bratz ipod nano docking station, a belkin starter networking kit, a VOIP connector thingy, 50 maxell dvd cleaning cloths

2x orange belkin computery things. the box is not in english so i have no idea what they are. a belkin mobile phone case

a set of ross headphones, a 4 piece shoecare set, a cd player case and a stopwatch thingy. All of it is new +boxed. Say 10?

Reebok Rowing machine, it's broken but easily fixed. It's just needing a spare wheel that fits the bottom of the sliding seat. The old one was loose and bent, so it's unusable.

Bought from argos <18 months ago, and I did buy a 3 year warranty for it, just kinda lost the paperwork, which may find when I move house dunno. Either way don't ahve the space for it. Make me an offer!

Buy Reebok Edge Rower. at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for . it's that one there. But I paid 150 for it :S

I MAY consider selling my wii. White wii console, 2 remotes, 1 wii motion plus, 2 steering wheels, 2 nunchucks, mario kart, super mario galaxy, wii play,

mario and sonic at the olympics, house of the dead 1+2, rockstar presents table tennis, trauma centre second opinion wii sports, wii sports resort, okami and EA sports active.

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Bump, prices not fixed by any means. If you're interested in several cd's or whatnot PM me a list and I'll give you a price. Want rid of as much of this as possible!

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Here's photos of the contents of the box of crap, cd's and the rowing machine (which also show the problem)


the mysterious thing that I have no idea about


and the usb networking kit


the cd's


the rowing machine



folds up to store


and here is the fault. The wheel bit was loose when it arrived (the seat bit was already assembled. And through use it became a bit warped, so got jammed on the rail. I just took it off cos it was annoying, the rowing machine still works, but I'd be hesitant to use tt with only 3/4 wheels on the bottom of the seat. To make it run smoothly you will need to replace or repair that bit


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The rowing machine and 2 of the christmas tree's are free to anyone who wants them. You will have to pick up though as I don't drive

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