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NAFCO - The North Atlantic Fiddle Convention

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We've been asked to help promote the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention at Aberdeen Uni - lots of interesting things to go see, hear about (and workshops too!)... for the full information, please visit :

but here's a cut and paste from their website : NAFCo 2010

NAFCo 2010 Conference

'Roots and Routes'

Keynote Speakers Elizabeth Doherty, Catherine Foley, Chris Goertzen, Owe Ronstrm

Wednesday 14thSunday 18th July 2010

Conference Sessions 09.00-13.30hrs

The Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, is hosting the fourth North Atlantic Fiddle Convention. NAFCo 2010 will celebrate the excellence and diversity of fiddle and dance traditions from countries around the North Atlantic, combining an international academic conference with performances and workshops to create an event devoted to 'Roots and Routes'.

The conference will explore the ways in which local roots have been transformed through transnational routes in the context of countries and communities that border the North Atlantic. Thus to be 'local' is also to be 'global'. The aim of the conference is to explore our understanding of the interrelatedness of fiddle and dance traditions, and how they are affected and transformed by processes of globalisation, to create fresh insights and new perspectives.

Themes include:

* Fiddle and dance traditions in transformation

* Performance, place, and identity

* Centres and peripheries

* Mediation and cultural tourism

* The role of the individual

* Socialisation and competition

* Tradition and innovation

* Dance and music interplay

* New research approaches and methods

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There are several events taking place at The Lemon Tree:

Routes to Roots

Wednesday 14 July, 8pm

Northern Routes

Thursday 15 July, 8pm

Celtic Routes

Friday 16 July, 8pm

Atlantic Routes

Saturday 17 July, 8pm

All events are 10/7.50 + bf.

There are ceilidhs taking place each night of the festival upstairs in our Studio from 10.30pm - 1am, tickets 7.50/5 + bf.

In our upstairs bar we shall be hosting the Late Night Festival Club where you can meet the performers and take part in a jam - all ages and abilities welcome! Entry is free to attenders of any of the NAFCo events - show your ticket to the box office.

For details and tickets for the workshops on offer please phone Aberdeen Box Office on 01224 641122.

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