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Roland VG-88 V-Guitar System


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B]Ever imagined what a guitar with a resonator body would sound like with a humbucking pickup and a capo at the 12th fret, played through a Marshall stack? You can create just such a virtual instrument, with the help of Roland's VG88 V-Guitar System

Up for sale is my BRILLIANT Roland VG-88 V.2 multi effects processor. This thing is a beast and is totally excellent for live performances and recording.

The 100 user patches have been edited and inputted after doing hours of research and finding the best resources on the internet for settings and sounds, and there are some seriously great sounds there. You can also download and use other users patches from the web.

Its in great shape cosmetically and everything works perfectly. 13 pin cable included.

Ill also include a soft Roland shoulder bag that fits the VG-88 and has room for cables.

The VG-88 can be used with or without the pickup (Roland GK-2 or GK-3), but for full functionality, use the pickup. These are easy to fit & dont require any screws, routing, whatever.



The VG-88 uses advanced COSM technology to "model" the most popular guitars and amplifiers in history, as well as produce some very unique "guitar-meets-synth" sounds of its own. New sounds and features include more natural tube and overdriven amp sounds, new polyphonic and guitar-oriented effects, an onboard expression pedal, 1/4-inch direct guitar input and more.

>Self-contained guitar processing/modeling system which recreates a wide variety of guitar, pickup, amp, speaker cabinet and microphone sounds using a standard electric guitar equipped with GK-2A or compatible pickup (sold separately)

>GK-Ready 13-pin input plus 1/4" guitar input for direct access to amp/speaker modeling sections

>Hollow-body and acoustic guitar models including new nylon string guitar

>Extremely natural tube amp models and overdriven sounds

>HRM (Harmonic Restructure Modeling) creates synth-type soundsincluding new brass soundswith natural playing nuances and without delay

>Combination guitar output/GK pickup output for completely new types of sounds

>Polyphonic Intelligent Pitch Shifter for instant open tunings, 12-string guitars, bass guitar, string-assignable octave, slow gear, and more

>Effects include reverb, chorus, hexa-pan, delay, flanger and parametric EQ

>Extremely intuitive operation w/ helpful operational graphics and icons

>Onboard expression pedal for realtime parameter control

>Output Select switch for connection to conventional guitar amps or power amps

>Offers 200 Preset and 100 User Patches, including newly-developed factory Patches

>Standard 1/4" guitar input provides direct access to amp/speaker modeling sections

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