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Wanted: 7 String Guitar


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Okay so i've posted this before, but didn't get much reply. So thought might try my luck again.

I'm looking for a 7 string guitar, nothing too fancy, but I want something fairly decent. Preferably something like an Ibanez, LTD, Schecter or along those lines. I prefer Ibanez, but I cant afford to be too picky I guess haha.

I wasn't looking to spend too much, but I would be willing to swap... I have a few 6 string guitars, for example a Jackson DKMG and a LTD MH250NT w/EMG's!

Give me a pm, or post on this or something. Hope I've explained everything.


David. :up:

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This is more advice than anything

Schecter is the way forward, and you can get a decent 7 string schecter brand new for quite cheap! i know you dont want anything to fancy, but avoid the ibanez 7321, the sustain is awful, and the neck isnt brilliant either.

about 4 months ago i bought a Schecter Demon 7 FR, quite a low-end schecter at 380 quid brand new, but its an absolute beast! you can get it cheaper without the floyd rose though if you want i guess...

anyway overall, Schecter's the way forward for 7 string's, i wouldnt get an Ibanez 7 unless i could afford the the higher end RG/prestige models.

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If you do the research on 7 string.org you will find a heap of love for Agile 7 strings and also for Carvins. Both have very good custom shops but Carvins are hella expensive so guess you're not wanting one of them!. Although you will have to buy these brand new and import them, they're worth the money. Rondo Music Electric Guitars is the Agile website. I want a decent 7 string and I'll probably end up buying one of the 27' interceptor pro's when I get the money (probably a good couple of years away!). I've already got an agile and I'm really happy with it. I will admit I prefer the thinner neck profiles of the Ibanez prestige models but they're just too expensive! Also, check out the colour of this! AFAIK schecter or ibanez have rather plain finishes :(


If you're wanting a second hand one that really limits you to Ibanez, Schecter or ESP's though I would imagine.

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