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KK & Booker songs

Old Gold

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Recently I have been writing some music with my friend (of Y Change Costume fame). They're quite neat little packages, so listening to them should hopefully not bore you to death.

K.K. & Booker's Bandcamp

We shall record a couple more, which I plan to release in a small run of hand-painted origami cd sleeves (as many as I can dream up/slightly more if there's rapturous demand for some reason). For example:


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The KK & Booker recording is all done! A scrappy 5 songs in total. Does anyone want it on cd-r (complete with aforementioned hand-painted cover)? I've got a couple of days free, so I'm going to get busy with my water colours.

Alternatively, fire me a pm and I'll send you a link for the mp3s.

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