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Funk Machine Present: Subsource

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11th June


ENTRY: 6.50

Support from Super Six and Azi Cool

'Like The Prodigy teaching a noise violation seminar to Sonic Boom Six' NME

'Bangin' Crossover Shit.. 8/10' Rock Sound

Jaw-dropping power, soul and perception The Fly

The best cyberpunk riot since The Prodigy The Metro

Amazing vocals Liam Howlett (The Prodigy)

It's no surprise that a band with a CV as connected as a nuclear power station is starting to turn a few heads. Studio sessions with The Prodigy and Akil from Jurassic 5, mosh-pit forming shows at 15 summer festivals in 2009 and sold out gigs in Berlin and Paris prompted support from the media as diverse as Metal Hammer, Eddy Temple Morris, BBC, LTD Magazine, Radio 1's Nihal and The Metro newspaper. Media almost as diverse as the band themselves: a Cambridge educated British-Chinese science prodigy, a Norwegian born multi instrumentalist, a nu-skool breaks double bass player and a DnB drummer.

Following October's release of crowd favourite 'The Reason (Parasite)', Subsource's electro, metal and unique take on dubstep (Substep anyone?) influences come to the fore on the socially charged track 'The Ides'. This single will be released on 29th March with album 'Tales From The Doombox' set for release on 5th April. This ethos flows into the band's art with the album cover for 'Tales From The Doombox' being a piece by street artist Faith47, who's been dubbed the 'South African Banksy'. The cover's inscription statement of 'build you up to tear us down' reflects the nature of a self sufficient band who have fashioned lyrical paeans to the true accounts of island tribes fighting off oil companies. But it's not all work and no play. A nod to their dance roots inspired them to create the Subsource iPhone rave app, complete with flashing glow stick and lighter, not that you'll find many tender moments in a Subsource live set...

This is a show I've been wanting to put on for ages. My mate plays in Subsource and I've been getting updates about them since they began when he went down to music college in Gilford so pretty excited that we've finally got them up here to play.

If you are not at Rockness then Rocktunnels!

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Both A'Zi Cool and Super 6 have been hidden away recording our respective demos over the last few months - we've got some absolute monster tracks for your audio pleasure that it'll sound super nice on the Tunnels sound system!

Oh, and we'll be shifting a copy or two at the show!

But the main act are what it's all about - well worth a shifty and definitely one to look out for in the coming years. They'll be all over the summer festival circuit in no time.

Don't Rockness - RockTUNNELS!!!

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Good good!

I was just on the phone to them last night, they've just got back from their Germany tour and are really looking forward to playing in Aberdeen. They haven't played in Scotland much so hoping this will be a good start for many more.

Starting to get really excited about this show now.

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A'Zi Cool were featured on this week's podcast from AberdeenEvents.co.uk - you can check it out here:

Podcasts Aberdeen Events

Thanks also to The Kiosque for givin us a wee highlight. They've also posted the latest video from SubSource - these guys are gonna tear the place apart!

Easily the best thing happening this weekend that isn't taking place on the banks of a loch!

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