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Havent seem this thread in while

so, who would you have covering what?

for me id be:

Radio Lucifer - Its So Easy (GnR) or Scratch The Surface (soia)

MMw - Fixation Of Darkness (kse)

Kenny Nebraska - Lover, you should come over (Jeff Buckley)

too tired to think of much more

but whats your thoughts?

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Guest stuartmaxwell

sidca-knives by therap?

eric euan-belief at gunpoint by we become less

deadloss superstar-inglorious by the wildhearts

ian simpson-in remote part by idlewild (n.b. would love to hear his recorded version of this song, complete with trademark ian simpson nintendo beats)

real shocks-atmosphere by new order

the gloria flaw-still ill by the smiths

small enclosed area-undefeated by oxes

deadenstereo-shiftkicker by fu manchu

karloff-the ghost of tom joad by ratm

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Guest stuartmaxwell

mmw-the bitter end by placebo

cuts-one note by ikara colt

politik-say hello to the angels by interpol

the stacatto set-knives, slowing by eska

phillip johnston-lost control by joy division

stripey-dead pool by mission of burma

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gloria flaw- a day of by biffy clyro

mmw-skylines and turnstiles by My Chemical Romance

quik-Certain Shade Of Green by Incubus

Hexagonal Pensioners-Speak Free by Incubus

Deadloss Superstar-Tourettes by Nirvana

10ew-Say It Aint So by Weezer

Norman's Fetish-Jaws Theme Swimming by Brand New

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