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Favourite Band Names


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I dunno if you want them to describe the music [although I think that's pretty cool] but what are your favourite band names?

Some of mine include:


The Icarus Line

Velvet Revolver

Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards


Bentley Rhythm Ace

The Chemical Brothers

The 80's Matchbox B-Line Disaster


Atari Teenage Riot

Send More Paramedics

Vision Of Disorder

Lacuna Coil

Orange Goblin


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Guest allsystemsfail

Just a few:

Millions of Dead Cops

Whorehouse Of Representatives

Rubella Ballet

Rudimentary Peni

Dead Kennedys

Citizen Fish

Cracked Cop Skulls

Excrement Of War

Tofu Love Frogs

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Guest stuartmaxwell

merucury tilt switch

dead or american


fighting red adair

explosiions in the sky

mission of burma

killswitch engage

urusei yatsura

yessa de passo

empire builder

the cooper temple clause

joy division


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Guest Jake Wifebeater

Here's a few:

Anal Socket and the Grotty Cocks.

Pissed Off Orgasm.

Fuck On the Beach.

The Fuckemo's.



Arse Destroyer.

Man Is The Bastard.

Anal Whore.

Anal Massaker.

Well, you get the idea!

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Guest stuartmaxwell

spike pile driver is a great name for a band

still yet to see the spd experience

i keep seeing an spd electrical contractor van driving around town and it reminds me to catch em

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Guest scott cs.

The Mr. T Experience

Social Distortion


Motion City Soundtrack

Phinius Gage

Voodoo Glow Skulls

Catch-It Kebabs

Screechin' Weasel

The Frustators

Swinging Utters

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