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Mondragon's Baleful Eye =21st Century Doom

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So yeah, if you mixed Black Sabbath, Mo Wax style slooow Dub Hip Hop, and all the synth bass that ever made you shit yourself, and get Lee Perry to caper at the controls, it would be a mess. Or if all that nonsense was filtered through my brainpan you get...

...Mondragon's Baleful Eye, noisy, trippy, doomy.

Mondragon - Trichometric Profile-Receptor Variants by Mondragon's Baleful Eye - SoundCloud

Mondragon - Space Wizards of Cosmosis Sapientae by Mondragon's Baleful Eye - SoundCloud


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Ta muchly, I have vague intentions of trying to persuade some ex-Foxers to put something together, as I'm fighting shy of trying to meet randoms in Glasgow to form a band, though it might come to that yet. As for releases, I'm gonna try and build up a body of work, and disseminate it electronically, but I'm not really in the Doom Loop, as I find it impossible to spend much time in pure genre search mode. I'm looking for people that might be interested in it though, so any recommendations would be ace.

A couple of new tracks at the finishing up stage, might still emerge in 2010.

I made another site aeons ago and neglected it. Mondragon Multiverse

I just have no ability with the hyping side of things, it's so declasse! And it leads to Partridgian Cringe on my part, Aberdonian reserve doesn't lend itself to bigging up yahself, sadly.

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