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DEPORTEES + Three Knots + JJ Bull & The Dinosaurs - Sat 26 June @Tunnels

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AGP presents


Three Knots

JJ Bull & The Dinosaurs

& guests

Tunnels - Sat 26 June - 7PM DOORS

14+ show

Tickets 4 from Sorry TicketWeb is down for routine maintenance and One Up, Belmont Street

The Deportees on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Three Knots on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

JJ Bull - Ou Sont Les Elephants available now! on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

MySpace - AGP(Jim Jones Revue - SUN 18 APRIL) - 27 - Male - UK - myspace.com/aberdeengigpromotions


Having caused a stir in the local scene after just their first few shows, we have been incredibly impressed so far and are delighted to announce a headline show for Deportees.

Some reviews of their first shows are below...

"How much did I want to see Deportees live? I'll tell you how much. After getting up at 4.50am on Friday morning to go to work, then finishing work at 4pm, and spending about 4 hours tidying and cleaning my flat, and being absolutely knackered, I got a text from one of the band members saying they were on stage at 8.45pm. I decided, rather than going home for a nice relaxing bath, that I'd go to the gig. I jumped in the car and sped into town, ditching the car at the closest legal place I could think of, and legged it to Drummonds. Having not done much exercise recently, I was almost dead by the time I got to Drummonds. I saw Captain Tom and wheezed "are Deportees on yet", "nah, man. About 10 minutes". So I nipped across to the cash machine, and back to Drummonds, saw my Aberzine colleague Lucky, headed inside, got a pint, and then waited for the magic to start. This took a good bloody half an hour! I could have strolled, taking the long way round. Stopped for a chat with a couple of beggars on Union Street, and still had time to order a pint before Deportees started.

Nonetheless, I was still very excited about seeing this band. I have what can only be described as "gay love" for Eddison, and the same in equal proportions for Edgar Prais. Deportees are made up of members from both these bands, plus a couple of necessary additional members. I'd heard only good things about Deportees following their first gig that I couldn't get to due to fifteen feet of snow blocking me in.

Eventually, lead singer Adam Keenan announces that they are Deportees, and song one begins. And what a start! Four way spine tinglingly amazing vocal harmony with no instruments being played, except the odd tap on a drum by Christy. Having four members of your band that can sing this well, is just plain greedy. The song eventually kicks in, and well, it's just beautiful. There's some more bravery being shown with some odd timings of the first couple of songs. No simple 4/4 timings here. I'm not even knowledgable enough to tell you what it is - it's a bit "stop/start", speeding up, slowing down, kicking in louder, etc etc. A lot of work has quite clearly gone into these songs, and there's a lot could go tits up, but the band delivers it absolutely perfectly. The solid drumming is obviously essential for this to work, and work it does - brilliantly.

It's difficult to pin down and label what the Deportees offer up in terms of a genre or style. It's a bit rock, a bit country, a bit indie - it's most definitely brilliant.

The highlight of the set is "Stay All Night" - again, quite difficult to describe - it builds up from a fairly quiet and innocuous start, about halfway through the band hit you with a wall of sound - it's incredible how loud the song is (without being too loud), and you can 100% imagine them doing this on a much bigger stage. At this point, Lucky turned round to me and said "I just got goosebumps", and it's easy to see why.

The band wrap up their set with what Adam Keenan described as "a little country bastard", I think it was called "Let The Roses Grow" or something similar, and it was also fantastic, and a great, upbeat way to finish what is one of the best thirty minute sets of live music I've seen for quite some time.

This is a band to keep a firm eye on. If these guys want to, they can really make something of this band. Already right up there with my favourite bands, after just one showing.

Rating - ****

(very nearly a five-star rating, but I don't want them to peak too early!)

(review from Aberzine)


"If youve read any of this blog before, youll know that when I set my mind to it I can write a bit. I enjoy writing, but I probably dont do it regularly enough, other than my football reports. So when I go along to a gig and feel absolutely compelled to write about it, you know it must have been thoroughly enjoyable. And let me tell you, thats a massive understatement.

Deportees could perhaps be described as something of an Aberdeen supergroup. Take two parts Eddison (singer/guitarist Adam K and guitarist Rick), Adam Mo from 10 Easy Wishes, Edgar Prais drummer Christy and erstwhile keys player Diarmaid, add ridiculous harmonies and a few monster riffs. Spin and repeat. Theyre a bit good.

This evening, theyre support to Welsh indiepop wizards (and wizardesses) The School, along with Flora Cook and the brilliantly named Allo, Darlin. Sadly a busy night of meetings and football writing meant I could only catch a little of Allo, Darlins ukelele-laden set and, the main attraction in my eyes, Deportees.

If youve not seen them before, opening track First Breath of the Day provides quite an introduction. Three of the quintet unleash those harmonies,with only the merest hint of percussion to keep time, before Adam Ks powerful voice joins the fray. Its a good 75 seconds before the keys ease their way in, but when the rest of the band kicks in thirty seconds later, by God do they kick in.

Although their folk and country references are there for all to see, theres nothing Deportees like more than to rock out, and theyve got the blend between those influences and the rock tendencies nailed down.

After the crashing crescendo of the opening track, they launch into the rootsy reggae blast of Lover Dont Feel So Sad, and you cant help be drawn in by the beautiful somebody loves you hook. Even this early in the set, if youre not absolutely awestruck, then your soul must be with Lucifer in the seventh layer of Hell.

The tight-sounding Tongue Cant Tell keeps you hooked, before Adam Mo ditches his bass in favour of the fiddle for the folk-tinged Stay The Night, but you wont hear Robbie Shepherd introducing this on a Saturday night. Theres that wall of sound again, looming large in front of you, and theres really no escaping now.

The fiddle is swiftly put back down as Adam K introduces an as-yet-untitled track. This has been called Big Marching Drum One, or just Bastard, he says. Well go with Bastard. I like Bastard. I like Bastard too, Mr Keenan. Very much so.

The catchy song comes to an end to rapturous applause from the respectable crowd, and Deportees launch into a brand new song. I didnt catch the name of it, but by god (yes, Im running out of superlatives and recycling them) its rocking. Massive chords and a none-too-shabby Keith Moon impersonation from Christy see to that.

Alas, time flies when youre having fun and before long Adam K is crooning set closer When The Roses Bloom Again, a cover of a Woody Guthrie track with an interesting history.

Just three gigs in, and theres already more than a whisper about Deportees being the best local band in years. On this showing, it wont be long before they take that crown and run with it, leaving a marker way off in the distance. Fair play to them."

(Review from IamNev blog)

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New songs ahoy! Cannae wait for this gig - we're probably going to play 9 tracks. Given that all of our songs are over 13 minutes long, I think that means that we'll be onstage for a week and a half.

Three Knots and JJ are bloody marvellous. We couldn't have hoped for a better lineup.

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I'm sure you could guess I enjoyed this. Somebody remind me to step away from the speaker stack tho, ffs!

Only caught a tiny bit of JJ and the dinosaurs, but it sounded really good.

Three Knots were an absolute revelation. I'd never heard or seen them before, but they were a bit good.

Deportees were playing. No more need be said about that... (in a good way)

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What a fucken night. Loved every second. It was very surprising and heartening to see so many people there to see three new local acts. Thanks to everyone for making the effort.

And wauw, JJ's new stuff sounded amazing!having consummate pros like Dallas, Patty and Joe in his band worked brilliantly. Great stuff.

Likewise,Three Knots were tremendous. Totally confident and tight as a motherfucker. Hard to believe how young they are. Brilliant performance.

Once again, thanks everyone for making it an amazing night.

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