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Active splitter

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Does anyone have a circuit diagram for an active splitter box with led's?

Just A/B would be fine but A/B/C would do also..


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what exactly is it you want to use it for?

you could just make a normal A/B box (with led's) with a buffer infront of it


these are two different versions of A/B boxes i have found (the version with the resister is a DOD A/B if i am not mistaken)

then stick a booster infront of it (or after each output, not sure which would be best though)


this is a simple buffer, not sure how it sounds but i think it should be pretty good.

the other ones i woudl try would be http://www.muzique.com/schem/mosfet.htm (supposedly very transparent) or the EHX LPB1 (schematic at www.generalguitaradgets.com) (which is less transparent, but still an excellent circuit)

i also found this, which is probably the best for a splitter box, as both outputs are isolated to stop any ground loops occurring or similar.


hope this has been some use...


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