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Jedson Lapsteel Guitar

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throwing this back out on the market to raise funds to cover a new guitar and my rent for next month!

it's in great condition, electrics need a little clean, but still works fine! all original case, legs and picks that came with the guitar when new!

its a quality piece of gear, david gilmour uses one himself to this day! and has been using since the recording of darkside of the moon!

im gunna let this float away for 500 or nearest sensible offer!

also selling a tanglewood jumbo electro acoustic, cost 329 new, had it for just under a year, was kept at my dads and someone stood on it in high heels but i managed to push the foolish woman over before the heel went straight through, so im letting this go for 100 ono. with a bit of work this could be a brilliant guitar, i would do the work, but i have a 1953 harmony acoustic, so no need for this any more!

thanks for looking guys!

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