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Edguy Next Tour Aberdeen A Chance


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I have been looking into getting Edguy to come to Aberdeen next time rather than Glasgow next time they play the Uk.

I run the Uk Branch Of The Savage Union Fanclub and in contact with the founder of the World Fanclub.

Problem is i need a promoter to come forward and take it on,then i can pass it onto Edguy.I think they would be a great live band to come here and bring something different to the local scene.

Edguy has headlined some of the biggest festivals in Europe along with Tobias's solo project Avantasia.

Edguy's lyrics are often metaphorical, alluding to metaphysical or social themes: conformity ("The Headless Game", "Mysteria", "King of Fools"), dictation by the church ("The Kingdom", "The Pride of Creation", "Theater of Salvation"), and dangers of modern civilization ("Navigator", "The Devil and the Savant"). To express such themes, Edguy sometimes use esoteric and hermetic expressions. Yet some of their songs are light-hearted or comedic ("Das Reh", "Save Us Now", "Lavatory Love Machine", "Life and Times of a Bonus Track", "Trinidad"). Edguy does not claim to represent any ideology; Tobias Sammet claimed "[the band is] not political and we are not religious; at least there is no key message in our songs telling you what to think in terms of anything". Edguy also employs lengthy and epic sections in almost every album.

Hellfire Club revealed Edguy's interest in experimenting within music by integrating an orchestra into the production. The album featured a variation on Edguy's style, with a less grandiose, more traditional heavy metal approach being embraced. The band's album, Rocket Ride, features even less symphonic and power metal elements, and is arguably more oriented towards hard rock. Their latest album, Tinnitus Sanctus, contains even more hard rock oriented songs, as the obvious lack of double bass drumming is evident, in contrast Edguy's older albums such as Vain Glory Opera.

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