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Flares n seagulls

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hey bob,

thanks a lot!

Yeah the gig went well on Saturday, good turnout and a great wee line up of bands. A genuine freakshow were very very good and waaaaaaaaayyyyy "bigger/massive" than i thought they would sound.

It was our first gig in ages and we pretty much have a brand new set with a couple of samples thrown in here and there, so it was a good night for us.

I had a listen to some of the new POO stuff, the harmonies are magic, definitely a step in the right direction! You got any gigs booked?

Hopefully see you at our single launch on the 30th!?


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I'll make a note of the 30th, where's the gig at? I think PoO are going to be taking a wee break for now but that'll give me a chance to concentrate on doing my solo stuff, most likely I'll catch you at one of these open mics at JPs or something.

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