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DI Box Advice Please.

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I am looking to buy a DI box, since neither of my amps have a DI on them. I have a Peavey Bass Mark III Series 300 CHS and a Selmer 50watt Treble and Bass valve amp from the 70s, into an old Laney 2x15.

Any recommendations for a good DI box?

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How much do you want to spend?

I'm gonna be a totally dissenting voice and recommend one of these

Tonebone Bassbone - introduction

Built like a tank...onboard EQ and an effects loop if you want it...awesome sound you're looking at around about 200 for one of these.

Or about 170 for one of these Sansamp Bass Driver DI :: Bass Effects & Processors :: Bass :: Electro Music. Alot of people use them purely as distortion pedals because they've got a great valve overdrive sound. Not sure how they do it given that I don't think there's a valve anywhere inside.

Either one of these will be pretty much all the DI box you will ever need. They're gonna be more expensive than the Behringers but you get alot more for your money IMO.

Either way let us know what you went with in the end.

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An 80s Laney DP150. Total workhorse of an amp, and I can now play with bi-amping...


Also it has been used by me... therefore has increased in serious value hahahhaa... actually make that I fucked it and ripped ya off haha..

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