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Anti-Records Get Elliot Smith Release

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Elliott Smith's final album, From a Basement on the Hill will be issued by Anti- Records this fall.

Smith completed the album shortly before his suicide last October. Smith had struck an agreement with his label DreamWorks to release the album on an independent imprint, but hadn't talked with any companies before his death. His family, along with frequent collaborator Rob Schnapf, oversaw the development of his final work.

The track listing for From a Basement on the Hill is:

1. Coast to Coast

2. Let's Get Lost

3. Pretty (Ugly Before)

4. Don't Go Down

5. Strung Out Again

6. Fond Farewell

7. King's Crossing

8. Ostriches and Chirping

9. Twilight

10. A Passing Feeling

11. Last Hour

12. Shooting Star

13. Memory Lane

14. Little One

15. A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity To Be Free

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Guest Kryys With No 'X'

Perhaps you could learn how to spell his name?

As for the new album, I believe the article is incorrect. I'm sure it was only about 90% complete at the point of his death, the remaining work was completed by the producer and his former band mates, with close supervision from Elliott's family and friends.

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