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Singer/Guitarist wanted for Pop-Punk band


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Hey, we are Nights Like These, a Pop-Punk band from the Deeside area in Aberdeen (ie: Milltimber and Culter etc). We have recently formed but are currently only consisting of a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. We are looking to expand to a 5 piece ideally (2 guitars, singer, drums, bass) but would happily settle for a four piece as long as we get a singer (who could potentially play guitar also). We are really eager to get started for real and write some songs and play some shows etc. If you are interested in the position it would be ace of you....requirements include:

Similar taste in music (Four Year Strong, Fall Out Boy, You Me At Six, anything really thats in 'the pop-punk scene' etc.)

Of the age between 15 and 19

Either sing or play guitar (or both)

And just generally being a decent person to hang out with, cus we're all about having a decent time.

We also request no drug taking, excessive drinking etc (we're motley crue) and keep your language fairly clean too!

You dont have to be the greatest singer or guitarist ever as really a lot of it comes down to confidence so if your even the slightest bit interested please hit us up on out myspace Nights Like These on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

or our facebook

Welcome to Facebook | Facebook

or email us at


It would mean the world to us if we got some responses...cheers, stay fly!

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