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10% cider duty increase!!

Le Stu

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Somewhat bizarrely, this has prompted an online campaign to get "I Am A Cider Drinker" by The Wurzels to number 1.

The Wurzels have indeed spoken, according to the Guardian.

West Country band The Wurzels also expressed their disappointment. In a statement, the group said that: "We are all very upset that scrumpy cider, being one of the few pleasures that we cherish down here on the farm in the West Country, is being hit by such a tax rise."
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Does this not just move Cider in line with beer? It doesn't necessarily mean that a pint will go up by 10%, there may be a small increase. Cider hasn't been nearly as taxed as beer so this is more aimed at the person who makes the cider... is my understanding of it.
D'you want a fight?
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Don't think so, as that shit is made from Onions...

...so I was reliably told years ago in a pub by some dude.

Aye, I also heard that. The question is, if they actually started brewing it from onions, could it avoid the classification of 'cider' while retaining all of the taste?

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