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Bass wanted: Under 200


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Find 50 bucks and get one of these. Or have a look on BassChat. They had TONNES of second hand ones a while back. Lots of em going about

FENDER SQUIER VINT. MOD. JAZZ NT - U.K. International Cyberstore

EDIT: if you just want it to look bonnie

HARLEY BENTON HBB1975 NA - U.K. International Cyberstore

That first one looks lovely. I've just got this nagging feeling that there could be a better bass out there than my precision.

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I have an Epiphone Thunderbird sitting doing nothing.

I would sell it for 150 as I have modified it so that it's easier to play standing up.

It has the bag aswell which is worth around 40-50 anyway.

I'll send pics if you're interested.

PM me your e-mail address if interested.

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