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Wanted: 4x12 cab


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Hey guys,

I'm on the lookout for a 4x12 cab if anyone is trying to get rid of one. I'm looking for something high-end, in particular Orange, however I'd be interested in anything constructed from baltic birch, as the sound you get from them smokes the sound you get from anything else.

I'm not overly worried about condition, as I'm re-tolexing and getting new speaker grille for both the cab and my head, and I've got replacement celestion V30's sitting under my bed waiting for a cab with worn out speakers.

Give me a shout if there's anything going.


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i could possibly arrange to get down to edinburgh. what type of cabs are they?

yeah i was looking at your post blain, i was thinking about buying them. they look pretty sick! i just need to see how much bucks i've got once i get paid on friday (:

Several options in all-ply.

Re-covered/stripped/painted Marshalls.

Carlsbro tall cab, Selmer with blue grill cloth - like that.

Kinda all depends on budget, I guess...

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