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Who are the real thugs here?


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BBC News - Anti-fascist charged after Bolton protests

Yet another incident in a long line of "anti-fascists" actually being nothing more than thugs - and certainly no better than the people who they're protesting about.

Do they really not realise that by getting themselves arrested and causing trouble, all they're doing is making the far Right look respectable in the eyes of the average person?

I don't agree with the EDF, but UAF are just making themselves look like mindless morons - just like the ANL and other "anti-fascist" organisations throughout the years.

edit : this article, if the ACC is quoted accurately, is very telling - Arrests As Rival Groups Clash During Demo - News - Heart London

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This decade certainly has a real 1930s feel to it already! Economy gone tits up... socialists and nationalists battling in the streets... we just need the pound to drop like a stone and I think then we'll be ready to invade France.*

*Although Poland invaded us, which was really unexpected and tells us that we can't always rely on history to repeat itself exactly.

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

I'm a pretty genuine thug. Some men of a dubious nature tried to creep on the side of my jeep. I stuck the heat through the window and rocked their asses to sleep - over a three pack. It was a small thing really, yeah, but keep letting those small things slide'll be your failure...wait, I think I misread the question.

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