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Gear for sale!!!!!!!

Roscoe 5

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Looking to sell some of my gear to save for a new head,

So i have a Fender Tom delonge Stratocaster in green. Quite a rare strat considering they are no longer in production.

The model he used in Blinks' early days and is fitted with a Seymour Duncan Invader pickup which to be honest is one of the nicest pick-ups available in my opinion.

Gives you that really high output crunchy chainsaw sound which delonge is renound for, plus a nice clean twangy sound.

Rosewood neck and tortoiseshell scratchplate.

Rarley used and gigged twice.

Has one scratch on the back.

Comes with gig bag.

Looking for 350 for a quick sale.

2nd item is a Mrashall MGDFX 100 watt head.

Has 2 channels (distortion and clean) plus loads of effects, and quite frankly is loud as fuck.

Really good amp and ideal for practice/gigging.

Only had it for a year and its in immaculate condition.

Im only selling it because i want a valve head.

Comes with a kettle lead.

I want 180 for it....... but i could chuck in the angled 4 x 12 matching cab and sell the the head and cab for 250

Sorry, but i dont have any pics cos my camera is pooped.

But i can arrange for you to try the gear before you buy.

PM me if you are interested.

Cheers :)

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