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10,000 talent search coming to aberdeen

elsa mcewen

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Yeah...I think their parents have 'subbed' them to a high degree. But there's more to it than expensive amps etc....don't get put off.

im not gettin put off, most good bands come from nae great backgrounds...also they have a horribl image......really.....did they put themselves in an 80's food blender???

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4. IMPORTANT: Your application is not complete until you submit your registration fee (see "buy now" button below). Bands - 25

Sincerely, I hope everyone reading this thread realises this "competition" is an utter load of exploitative crap. Don't be suckered in.

Read this post:


And then just close the browser window and go away.

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Never ever ever pay money to play....!

Play for nothing if it gives you valuable exposure or the opportunity, to play a better gig.

But pay to play is never a good idea.


I've paid people to come and see us play. Only joking, they didn't come so I paid them nothing, the lazy, lying, no taste wankers.

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