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Metal band seeking bassist and vocalist from Aberdeen area


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We [Morbus] are a 3-piece Metal outfit from Aberdeen. We are currently seeking a bassist and lead vocalist.

Bassist: We need someone who is well-versed in Metal bass-playing [finger or pick, we ain't fancy] to come and join our merry trio and who is not opposed to playing a few covers.

We already have a full album [10 tracks] of material written and recorded which is now being rehearsed to be played in the live medium. Our influences range from any decent music to pure cheese, but a strong interest in Metal wouldn't hurt. :up:

Songs [and full tablatures] can be sent via e-mail or if preferable via MSN Messenger.

Vocalist: The same as above really, minus the finger or pick condition. We would, ideally, like someone who can ACTUALLY sing as opposed to screaming their balls/tits off in the hope of sounding 'awesome'.

But, I digress. A combination of growly-type vocals/strong powerful singing would be perfect. Say...Phil Anselmo in his hey-day, but we're open to whatever shit you can provide, plus we don't wanna plagiarise someone else's style.

Anyway, if you feel you've got what it takes [and are up for dealing with us], then drop me [rhythm/lead guitarist Davey Scott] a line via e-mail.

E-mail address: believeinme89@hotmail.com

I'm not gonna put my phone number up on here, but if you add me on MSN and get conversing with myself I'll give you my number.

Hope to hear from some of you lot soon.


Davey Scott, Morbus.

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Hello, I have added you on MSN. I am an aspiring serious musician, versed in the bass guitar with some low level musical theory from piano when I was younger (can play a bit of keyboards as a result) and an enthusiastic backing vocalist. I play with both fingers and a pick, and am versed in a lot of Metallica's songs, Jason Newsted being my main inspiration right now (saying Burton is a bit redundant :p).

Of course, I believe flexibility and diversity is important for any musician, so the opposite style I play is a bit of Red Hot Chili Peppers. The only issue is that I am a student and thus only here at term time, but depending on how this looks, I would be willing to spend my summer up here too!

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Right-o. Well, I can't figure out how to edit the original post - perhaps because I'm stupid or the fact that I have barely been on AM in years - but the bottom line is this, we don't need a singer as we've found one. So I thank everyone for their interest in the Vocalist position - and I apologise for not replying to Messages and Posts sooner.

We are still very much looking for a bassist, so that offer is definitely still on the table.

Influences you ask?

Well as the original post says it ranges froma broad spectrum. I'm into a fair whack of stuff, including a keen love of Metal - Pantera, Metallica, Slayer, DevilDriver, Lamb of God, etc. But I also like Springsteen, Tom Petty, Nine Inch Nails, Guns N' Roses, etc, etc, the list goes on.

The remaining members are into around the same stuff with little twists and other varying genres.

To put it simply, if a mix CD had Tears for Fears, Journey, RHCP, Springsteen, Judas Priest, Metallica and The Doors on it...we would pretty much all dig it.

And to answer suchathing2's question...this isn't no "oh no my fringe is in my eyes, let's jump around the stage, wear eyeliner, and have no balls" Metal. This is definitely ballsy Thrash Metal with a bit of a twist. The twist is, we have dynamics in our songs! This may shock the UltraMetalists [a.k.a. The Die Hard Slayer Club], but get over it, alright? Alright then.

To answer the age question, I am 20 [going on 21 in November], the Drummer [Neil Walker] is 21, the Lead Guitarist [Josh Scott] is 19 [turning 20] and our Vocalist [stewart Logan] is 30.

Hope that answers your ruddy questions, hahaha.

P.S. Sorry if any of you have added me on MSN and I haven't accepted you. Like I said I haven't checked the replies to the post on here in a while so I just thought that the people who have added me were spammers. I am extremely sorry for this. If you add me again, send me an e-mail first then I'll know you ain't no spammin' robot.


Davey Scott,


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